Best Addons For Gold Farming

Addons are great tools which really helpful in World of Warcraft. In this page, I am going to be showchasing all of my addons for gold farming. I personally use all of them and they facilitate my gameplay in no doubt. Also, don’t forget to check other options on Curse.


Wow Addons for Gold Farming


Bagnon: Bagnon is an addon that turns all of your bags into one giant bag which you can customize in many ways by hitting the gear icon at the top right corner. You can also view other characters bags and golds instead of logging between characters.

Bagnon works with your inventory, guild bank, personel bank and more but just be sure to visit a bank on every character for Bagnon to collect data.


Karni’s Crap Filter: Karni’s Crap Filter allows you to blacklist items you don’t want in your bags. This means if you don’t want low-level mana potions or food or stuff like that, you can open up Karni’s Crap Filter and add it to your blacklist. Blacklisting an item will automatically delete it when you loot it.

So, this is really useful if you farm dungeons or transmog and don’t want that same trash loots.


Easy Delete: Easy Delete is very simple. Pick up an item from your bags and drop it into the screen. The addon will automatically type delete for you. So, all you have to do is click Yes.

Very simple but useful addon.


Gathermate 2: Gathermate 2 is an addon that’ll keep track of the locations of herbs, mines, fishing pools, archaeology finds, treasures and it will display them on your mini-map and world-map. All you have to do is fly over there and see if it’s there or not.

You will also need to get addon Gathermate 2 Data which is prefilled with every location for herbs, mines and fishing pools and stuff like that. So, you don’t have to discover the locations yourself. If you like to mine, herb or just collect treasures then I highly suggest install Gathermate 2.


Rarity: Rarity is an addon that will keep track of how many attempts you’ve gone for something rare drop/loot. It will also take a screenshot whenever a rare pet, mount or toy is found and collected.

Actually rarity is not addons for gold farming. But it’s a nice addon to have while farming.


Can I Mog it?: Can I Mog it? will add tooltips to the items in your bags that will show if you collected an appearance or not.

This addon can be really useful if you farm a lot of transmog and not sure if you owned the appearance or not. Here’s a list of all the symbols and their meanings.


NPC_Scan: NPC_Scan is an addon that will alert you with an screen display and sound when a rare mob is nearby. Rare mobs tend to drop rate items in some cases. So, it’s a good addon to have if you are interested in killing rare mobs. Or just hunting them down to tame them such as spirit beasts for hunters.


TradeSkillMaster (TSM): TSM is an addon for both casual and experienced wow gold farmers. TSM is great for Auctioning, Crafting, Mailing, Disenchanting and anything to do with trade materials.

TSM can take some time setting up but once you have it set up, auctioning, disenchanting gear, mailing items and crafting will be super easier. There are many tutorials on internet about how to set up TSM but if you want an written TSM guide, let me know it in comments section below.


Loot Appraiser: Loot Appraiser is an addon that determines items value when looted based on a pricing source that you select. When an item drops, it’ll pop up on your screen with an items icon and a bell noise alerting you.

It’s a very useful addon to have even you aren’t into farming because some green items going for thousands golds in Auction House.

You will need to TSM addon for the Loot Appraiser to function properly. This addon is one of the most important addons for gold farming and transmog farming due to the fact you can calculate roughly how much an item is worth.


Selljunk: Selljunk is an addon that will add a button to any vendor. All you have to do is click on it. All your junk will be automatically sold from your bags. You can add more stuff to the list by typing /selljunk.


Wardrobe Tools: Wardrobe Tools allows you to quickly mail over gear that you farmed up to the character with the appropriate armor type. When you go to the mailbox there is a little arrow next to the send. When you click it the little menu will pop up. All you have to do is write character names who you’d like to receive according to armor type.

This addon also allows you to quickly learn all the appearances by typing /ac. All you have to do is scrolling your mouse wheel over the item icon that pops up. I highly recomment it to anyone that collects gear and appearances.

This addon does not exist in Curse. However, can you install it from here.

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