Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5

Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5

In this article, you will find the best gold farming methods in patch 8.1.5. We are going to concentrate on three main ideas. Best Ways to Make Gold in Patch 8.1.5 The first thing to make gold with the new patch is focusing on new raiding achievement which is Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of […]

New Hyperspawn BFA Gold Farming in Vol’dun

I already share with you some BFA Gold Farming locations after the BFA comes out. But simply when they become popular, they nerf the place. So, you need to be start doing this farm immediately because it’s insane right now. Too many people farming in this location. To find group, just write “vol’dun” and search […]

Epic BoE and Bloodfeaster Mount Farm Spot in Nazmir

Today I will show you new best location to farm epic BoE’s and Bloodfeaster mount in Nazmir. You can noticed that many farm locations got nerf and they are not good at all right now. It’s not anything new because every single time when new expansion comes, there are insane ways where you can kill […]

Best Locations to Get Captured Dune Scavenger Mount

Today I am going to show you three best spots to farm Captured Dune Scavenger mount. Also too many green items will drop to scrap or sell. If you enough lucky, you will get some epic boe’s too. The average price of this mount is 400k gold now (all realms average). This price going higher […]

BoE Items and Mount Gold Farming in Drustvar

Today I will show you an amazing gold farming spot for 350+ BoE items and the Chewed-On Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule instead of doing herbs and mining. Most probably a lot of you guys already made tons of golds with BoE’s already. So, this gold farming guide is simply for those who haven’t farm […]