Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5

Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5

In this article, you will find the best gold farming methods in patch 8.1.5. We are going to concentrate on three main ideas. Best Ways to Make Gold in Patch 8.1.5 The first thing to make gold with the new patch is focusing on new raiding achievement which is Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of […]

Anchor Weed and Akunda’s Bite Farming Route

You can find another insane farm route for Anchor Weed and Akunda’s Bite in this article. The reason why you need to farm Akunda’s Bite right now it’s because it’s usually the most expensive herb besides from the Anchor Weed. Moreover, it is going to be use for agility and strength flasks. So when Uldir […]

How to Farm Expulsom Fast in BFA?

Welcome to really quick guide on how you can make tons of expulsom in short time. Currently, there are two ways you can obtain expulsom right now. One of them is Alchemy transmute and the other one is scrapping gears.   How to Farm Expulsom Fast in BFA? The alchemy transmutes are limited to one […]

Best Locations for Anchor Weed Farm in BFA

Anchor Weed is really popular in these days and you might have seen in your Trade chat that people want to buy all Anchor Weed’s. That’s because of you need this herb for every single flask and only 2 weeks left for Uldir raid. The prices will be insane when the raids open up. So […]

Mining and Herb Gold Farming Route in BFA

It’s definitely perfect time for Mining and Herb Gold Farming now! You wanna know why? I am pretty sure you already noticed that many people spamming in Trade channel like “WTB all BFA Herbs and Mines“. Because the prices are going lower right these days. They are just buy it, stock it and will sell […]

Make tons of gold with Mining and Herbalism in BFA

What do you think about Battle for Azeroth so far? I mainly focus mining and herbalism these days because as i mentioned in “The most profitable professions in BFA“, Inscription stuff prices are insane and Alchemy going the same way soon. People will need flask and potions more when the raid comes out. So this […]

Most Profitable Professions in BFA

While only few weeks left for the release of Battle for Azeroth, players already started to consider about most profitable professions in new expansion. So, in this page you can find detail reviews of all professions and learn what is waiting you in BFA. Note: This list made by personal beliefs and written with gathering some […]