Darkmoon Faire Gold Farm Guide

Darkmoon Faire is an festival event in World of Warcraft which you can do their stuffs in every month. You can check your calender to see dates for it’s start and end times.

How to Make Gold in Darkmoon Faire?

Firstly you need to buy some quest items from Auction House. Sometimes these quest items can be really expensive so I recommend keep your eyes on them for the price changes and see if it’s actually gonna be worth or not. Here is the list of these quest items and their rewards;

Darkmoon Faire Gold quest items

You need to buy one more thing which is not on the list above. Also buy 100 x Darkmoon Daggermaw

Tip: You can only do this once per character. So you can make new class trial characters and come to darkmoon faire and follow this guide. I am not %100 sure is this legal or not buy i don’t see anyone getting ban for doing this.

After buy all of the quest item stuffs just accept all of them and go to the Darkmoon Faire. You will complete quests by just talking with NPCs and take Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Faded Treasure Map – Darkmoon Faire Quest

You will buy Faded Treasure Map from NPC with 100 x Darkmoon Daggermaw and get a new quest. This quest will gives you 100 Darkmoon Prize Ticket so it’s really nice. Here is a quick tutorial video to see how it’s working.

Then we are ready to collect some transmog gears with our Darkmoon Prize Tickets to earn thousands of golds. Go to the transmog vendor and check the gears. Don’t forget to select “All” otherwise you’ll see only cloth or leather gears according to your class type.

Darkmoon Faire Gold transmog vendor location

Tip: Check Auction House and select the items that’s not up already on the AH. So you can overprice and make more profit. Also sell them faster because you are the only one supplying it.

Darkmoon Faire Gold transmog vendors

Lastly there is two different vendor over there. Each vendor selling different appearances type of gears. Right one selling also epic stuffs. Check both of them carefully before make your choices. Don’t forget to check my other world events gold farming guides for more. Good luck!

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