Day of the Dead Gold Farming Guide

In this article I am going to show you how to make gold with Day of the Dead event in World of Warcraft. This is a small and really short event but still you can earn some golds if you know what to do.


How to Make Gold with Day of the Dead Event?

Firstly you can sell Ice Cold Milk and Simple Flour on Auction House. You can pick these up from the innkeeper and the cooking vendors. They are going to be in high demand for the next couple of days because they are used to make the bread of the dead.

Secondly, go to the your capital city’s main graveyard and you will see the event npc’s over there.

All you need to do is buy the recipe for Bread of the dead and make one. Also you need to buy one Orange Marigold too.


Gold Farm with Macabre Marionette pet in Day of the Dead Event

Make one Bread of the Dead and right after it, use Orange Marigold with right clicking on it. This will show up lots of dead people in graveyard and one of them has a quest for you.

Get that quest and complete it. The quest giver wants only one Bread of the Dead which you already have one.

This will reward you with a little bit of gold and the main item of this event which is the Macabre Marionette battle pet. This one is seeling from around 5k gold at the moment but if you hold on to it for the next few months and level it up to level 25, you can sell this like 20k+ gold.

This is only one time reward for one character. So you also want to do this with all of your alts and get the batte pet.

Stay tuned for more world event gold farming guides. You can reach all of them on our website in World Events category.

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