Epic BoE and Bloodfeaster Mount Farm Spot in Nazmir

Today I will show you new best location to farm epic BoE’s and Bloodfeaster mount in Nazmir. You can noticed that many farm locations got nerf and they are not good at all right now. It’s not anything new because every single time when new expansion comes, there are insane ways where you can kill a lot of mobs and farm better than normal.

However this location still works. So I highly recommend you to follow this gold farming guide before they nerf this too.


Epic BoE and Bloodfeaster Mount Farm Location in Nazmir

There are few elites in this location. You need to be careful for them.

The mobs have instant respawn timer in this area and it is possible to do roughly 2.5k mobs kill per hour depending on your group setup and dps. That is extremely good because all of these mobs are humanoid. There is always chance for loot epic boe, clothes and mount.

It is really super fast farm if you form 2 groups and separate the place. One group will stand one side of water and one group on the other. You can see the water i mean in first picture above.


New Best Farm Location for Bloodfeaster Mount in Nazmir

The respawn timer was insanely like there are always mobs to pull and kill in your range. Couple of them are ranged so you might need an healer sometimes.

After 1 hour farming the results are so good. Someone loot the mount and I got 2 epic BoE which worth 400k gold.

The last tip i can give you if you don’t have profession, just learn Tailoring and do this farm because you will loot also lots of clothes from this place. And if you have Tailoring, you will have chance for loot more clothes due to Cloth Scavenging. You can use this clothes to obtain Expulsom easily which I already mention it in here.

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