Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5

In this article, you will find the best gold farming methods in patch 8.1.5. We are going to concentrate on three main ideas.

Best Ways to Make Gold in Patch 8.1.5

The first thing to make gold with the new patch is focusing on new raiding achievement which is Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria. For those of you don’t know the raiding with leashes achievement, it’s come out every couple of years and it’s really good. Basically you focusing on any certain expansion raids and kill the bosses, try to get the pet drop from them.

Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5 2

So this is for mist of pandaria and you need to concentrate on the first three raids. It is possible to get 4 pets from Mog’shan Vaults, 2 pets from Terrace of the Endless Spring and 5 pets Heart of Fear. Totally 11 pets, so they can all be sold on the Auction House. I am not quite sure on the drop rate but these pets usually have %20 percent drop rate or something.

Tip: Raid finder difficulty also works. So you will have two chances per character. And don’t forget battle pets can be sold in different realms. So you can always cage it and try to sell on another realm.

New Brawler’s Guild

Next thing you want to be doing is flipping Brawler’s Pass because new brawler’s guild comes out with this patch. It’s rare and you can’t see very many on them. If they cheap on your Auction House, I suggest buying a couple of them and then relisting them. Be careful make sure you don’t pay too much for them because if they don’t sell you’ll lose golds.

Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5 3

The final thing I suggest you guys to do is craft 340 sinister gears because lots of people leveling new characters in these days. If you ask why, well there are new allied races. 340 gears are key to improve new character item level’s to do mythic keys or raids etc. And also this gears add new cool transmog appearances to your collection. This gears don’t have that big profits but it’s still selling like 1-2 k golds which is okay. They are not expensive so they’ll be selling pretty quickly than usual.

Above all, I hope you can make some golds with this gold farming methods in 8.1.5. Good luck! Lastly, if you wanna see best gold farming methods for previous patch, you can check my other post from here.

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