What to Do Shadowlands Pre Patch

The Shadowlands and pre-patch is so close and almost here, so if you want to learn how to be prepared for Shadowlands and maximizing your golds, you need to prepare well during pre-patch. Let’s check what you need to do exactly..

Things to Do During Pre-Patch

The biggest priority is to make enough characters to level 120. Each character means two available professions in early times of expansion. By doing this, you will have plenty options to make gold because they have great connectivity and you can swap to another according to which market needs more attention.

Inscription traditionally is very good at the start of an expansion with the Darkmoon Decks. You will have tons of golds for sure with Darkmoon Decks and Missives.

Insription in Shadowlands

Missives also will be very useful because it’s allowing players to specify certain stats with crafting items.

Best Gold Making Professions in Shadowlands

Gathering professions are obviously great at the start of an expansion because of the high prices in the first few weeks.

Enchanting, Alchemy and Cooking are going to be good for when the raid hits after the first couple of weeks.

The three armor professions Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing are going to be particularly useful at pre-patch. Also, Engineering is going to be good for utility items and being able to access Auction House in Oribos.

Shadowlands Relic of the Past

Lastly, I want to mention about new system; Relic of the Past is an craftable item from the three main armor professions that can boost old world professions items to a higher level when added as an optional reagent. This is a really nice system and opens up the market for twinks.

Also this potentially providing a vendor shuffle because these items sell to a vendor for a good gold when fully upgraded. Lots of old world material prices already started rising significantly.

It is really nice time to make invesment on old materials. You can check here for more details about the system and don’t forget to install some gold making addons.

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