WoW Classic Best Gold Making Professions

Making gold in WoW Classic can be easy with making the right decision for your professions. There are three types of professions in Classic WoW and almost every profession is profitable in it’s own way.

WoW Classic Professions for Gold

Gathering professions include Skinning, Herbalism and Mining.

Crafting professions are Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Enchanting, Engineering and Alchemy.

Secondary professions like Fishing and Cooking still on the list because they are worth leveling and profitable.

WoW Classic Professions for Gold

The best method for making gold with professions in Classic WoW is of course taking double gathering professions. Because they are easily levelable while questing to 60.

Gathering professions can be obtained as early as level 5. When you exit your starting area, you can train your professions at your second town.

Locations of Profession Trainers

For Horde this is gonna be Razor Hill for Orc and Troll, Bloodhoof Village for Tauren and Brill for undead.

For Alliance go to Goldshire for Human, Kharanos for Dwarf and Gnome, Dolanaar for Night Elf.

Best Gathering Professions in WoW Classic

Skinning is likely going to be most popular choice for gathering profession because it does not slow down your leveling. Herbalism and Mining will take a little extra time when you gather nodes but worth the extra effort if you are not speed leveling.

Important Tip: Mining and Herbalism can be dual trained but only one can be tracked on the minimap. Therefore it is not efficient. Don’t do this!

So recommended gathering profession choices are Mining-Skinning or Skinning-Herbalism.

Can Crafting Professions be Profitable?

Crafting mats are always required to level and progress these professions to level 300. Crafting professions can be profitable from 1-300 and especially after 300.

Classic WoW has many reputation farm based Crafting Recipes that create Weapons, Gear and more that are in high demand. While profitable, these recipes often take weeks to farm and the materials to craft them may take even longer.

Shortly, I suggest you to take two gathering professions as I mentioned already for early times in Classic. Keep an eye on our WoW Classic best gold making guides for more.

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