Alani Wow Mount Guide **UPDATED Farm Spot for SHADOWLANDS

Alani wow mount is really is to obtain with this guide. Basically, you need to do skyshard farming and collect 10 skyshard for one Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. The good thing is you will get 10 skyshards (that means 1 mount) in 1 hour with this gold farming guide. Wow Alani mount price is around 125k average on Auction House.

Alani Wow Mount Farming

Alani wow mount farm is really easy because you almost half AFK. I suggest doing this farm with druid so I will share macro for druid but if you have any other range class, adjust the text for yourself. Just spam on the macro button for 20 minutes then loot all corpses and collect your skyshards. This farm is the best skyshard farming spot at the moment. You can use this macro for druids; /target anc /use SunFire

Alani wow requires 10 Skyhards. When you have 10 Skyshards then just right-click on them. This will make 1 Sky Crystal. When you use this Sky Crystal on Alani, the mount will drop into your inventory directly. I search for wow alani spawn timer or wow alani respawn timer for you but can’t find any useful information about that. Anyway, we will do alani wow mount farming in Vale, Pandaria. You can see the exact location in the images below.

Alani Wow Mount Guide **UPDATED Farm Spot for SHADOWLANDS  Alani Wow Mount Guide **UPDATED Farm Spot for SHADOWLANDS  Alani Wow Mount Guide **UPDATED Farm Spot for SHADOWLANDS

Alani Wow and Wow Skyshard Farming

Wow Alani farming needs 4 or 5 druids for the most benefit. Each player needs to stand on one mark and just spam macro for 20 minutes. You can see the exact locations in the images above. This way the respawn timer will very high and you will have one mount after 1 hour of farming. Another good thing about this farm is Skyshards are account-bound. This means you can send it to other characters in a different realm and sell it for more gold.

Alani wow is searching by many people in LFG tool actually. So if you don’t have any friends to do gold farming just write skyshard and search for a group. I am sure you will have one soon.

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To attack Alani, you only have to do is use Sky Crystal on it and you will kill Alani instantly.

Skyshard farming doesn't require any specific loot option.

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