Anchor Weed and Akunda’s Bite Farming Route

You can find another insane farm route for Anchor Weed and Akunda’s Bite in this article. The reason why you need to farm Akunda’s Bite right now it’s because it’s usually the most expensive herb besides from the Anchor Weed.

Moreover, it is going to be use for agility and strength flasks. So when Uldir comes out, the prices of these herbs will explode for sure. If you always aware of the prices in your realm, you should already notice that it is already started because only 24 hours left for Uldir right now.


Anchor Weed and Akunda’s Bite Farming Route

You can farm Akunda’s Bite only in Vol’dun. This makes it quite unique when compared with other herbs.

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Do not forget the use herbalism enchant Enchant Gloves – Kul Tiran Herbalism on your gloves which makes you faster. Or you can just simply buy Darkmoon Firewater which increases the speed of your skinning, mining and herbalism. You definitely need to have one of those when you decide to do farming.

Another issue is you should be in tank spec if you have it in your class. So you can’t be dazed and dismount. This is also extremely efficient.


Best Route for Akunda’s Bite?

This route is extremely good and in one-hour session I guarantee you will never end your farm with less than 25 Anchor Weed and 600 Akunda’s Bite.

If you want to sell them for the current value (average 50g for Akunda, 600g for Anchor) this means 50k gold per hour. I am pretty sure this amount going higher at nights when Uldir comes out. So farm it and sell them for easy and fast gold.

Lastly, you can use some kind of Server Hop addon if too many people farming in this place with you. You can check it on Cuse and learn how to use it.

Don’t forget to check Anchor Weed farm guide to see my results after trying all routes in each zone.

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