Best TBC Professions for Gold Farming

Best TBC Professions is asking by players. So, I will share my opinion on which professions might be the best for gold farming in TBC and why these professions are good for gold making. Here is a quick review of the professions in TBC. I won’t deep into details in this article.

Best Professions in TBC

The best profession list in TBC number one is Leatherworking. Even they nerf drums, it still has insane potential for gold farming. The future of drums is uncertain and nobody knows exactly what they will do about that. Let’s skip drums for now and discuss other profitable stuff in leatherworking. First of all, you have armor kits like “Clefthide Leg Armor“, “Cobrahide Leg Armor” or “Nethercobra Leg Armor“. These will be wanted by people constantly and provide leatherworkers with a good amount of sales.

You also have several crafts pre-raid best-in-slot armor pieces like Felstalker pieces or Fel Leather set pieces that can be used by different classes. Leatherworkers should be able to make a lot of gold with these bis items.

Best TBC Professions for Gold Farming

TBC Professions Guide and Bonuses

The best profession list in TBC number two is Tailoring. Much like leatherworking, tailors also can craft some pre-bis items. Also, tailors can craft Spellthread which gives bonus stats on leg armor like “Runic Spellthread” or “Golden Spellthread“. Plus, Spellcloth, Shadowcloth, and Primal Mooncloth are craftable value things that have daily or more cooldown. After level 68, you can learn Tailoring specialization for one of these and can learn to craft epic gears, and also every time you craft one of that cloth on cooldown, you will craft two instead of one.

Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing Gold Farming in TBC

Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, and Blacksmithing are good options for gold-making professions in TBC. Flasks and potions are will be really good for gold making because people will spend so much gold on them while raiding. The tip I can give you, buying materials during the weekend and crafting consumables, and selling on raid days can make 50 percent profits.

Gems are sold nicely in Jewelcrafting especially epic ones. You can also craft some precious items like “Necklace of the Deep” but your main goal should be gems in Jewelcrafting. Additionally, you have a cooldown craft called “Brilliant Glass” which lets you convert several green gems into a bag, and this bag can contain rare and epic gems. So, it’s a nice passive gold farming method.

Lastly, you can craft overpowered armor and weapons as well for sale like “Eternium Runed Blade” or “Belt of the Guardian” with Blacksmithing. Mostly later phases of TBC. It’s worth checking it out.

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Leatherworking and Tailoring got the most profitable crafting items in TBC.

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