Boe Farm Locations in Shadowlands, BEST Gold Farming in Wow

BoE farming in Shadowlands is currently the most profitable way to do gold farming in World of Warcraft. You can loot epic gear suddenly and sell it on Auction House for even a million golds depending on your realm economy and gear quality. I will share two amazing BoE gold farm locations which are the best at the moment in Shadowlands. You should try it before the drop rate gets nerf by Blizzard.

Boe Farm Castle Nathria in Shadowlands

BoE farm in Castle Nathria still one of the best gold farming method in Shadowlands especially if you are well geared and can do trash farm in mythic Castle Nathria. Of course, you can do this farm in normal and heroic difficulties but you will earn more gold in mythic if you are lucky enough to get a drop from Castle Nathria BoE farm. You need definitely luck for this farm because you can get 3 BoE in 1 run and you can get nothing for 1-hour farming. I add an image of personal drops and prices below you can check. To join BoE farming groups, go looking for the groups section and make search “boe” in Raids-Shadowlands. Important note: You can do mythic boe farm in Castle Nathria with only people who are in the same realm.

Boe Farm Locations in Shadowlands, BEST Gold Farming in Wow  Boe Farm Locations in Shadowlands, BEST Gold Farming in Wow  Boe Farm Locations in Shadowlands, BEST Gold Farming in Wow

Boe Farm Revendreth in Wow Shadowlands

Boe Farm in Shadowlands is also good in Revendreth. There are few outdoor BoE farm locations in Shadowlands but this is the best so far. To get maximum benefit in this boe farm Revedreth, you should have a 2×4 group and monk for statue pulling mobs. Other classes can be anything but aoe classes like druid or hunters would be better. I add an image for the exact location you can check the map above.

The most important thing in this place is I suggest you do this gold farming with a character who has Tailoring profession. Most mobs in here are humanoid so you will also farm Shrouded Cloth, Lightless Silk, and raw gold with green-gray items. This is amazing 30-40k gold per hour. For the group finding again, you should check looking for the group section in-game.

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Best Boe Farm Locations is in Castle Nathria and Revendreth right now in Shadowlands.

You can earn over a million gold only with one item if you are lucky enough with boe gold farming in Shadowlands.

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