BoE Items and Mount Gold Farming in Drustvar

Today I will show you an amazing gold farming spot for 350+ BoE items and the Chewed-On Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule instead of doing herbs and mining.

Most probably a lot of you guys already made tons of golds with BoE’s already. So, this gold farming guide is simply for those who haven’t farm BoE’s yet or looking for a new farm spot.


350+ BoE Items and Mule Mount Gold Farming in Drustvar

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The location is just above Corlain in Drustvar. You gonna be kill the mobs right there which is called “Hexthralled”. They all have a chance of dropping the mount.

The super thing is their respawn time is extremely fast. So, I recommend you to join party and make this farm with 5-man group. You can solo farm too but it will be super fast certainly with 5-man party. Check the lfg tool and “Custom” section in game. There are many groups for this gold farming at the moment.

The last thing i need to say there are two camp in this location. It’s really important to kill both camps. So you will want some range people in your party to pull mobs from another camp to you.


Raw Gold Farming Spot in Battle for Azeroth

The drop rate of Mule mount is not certain yet but in my own experience, I saw it dropped twice in 2 hours farming in here. The average buyout price (all realms average) is around 800k gold now.

You also get tons of green and epic items, clothes for materials. This will provides the income mostly. I personally scrap all greens to obtain more materials and sell epic ones in Auction House.

In addition to this earnings, you will loot raw gold from mobs. It’s like around 4k gold per hour. So, it’s definitely worth it to try this gold farming guide.

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