Buy Wow Token in 1 hour with this Shadowlands Gold Farming Guide

Wow token gives you 1-month gametime in wow shadowlands. So, many people playing game without spending real money in this way. I will share a fantastic gold farming guide that you can farm enough gold for buying wow token in just 1 hour. You don’t wanna miss it, try it now.

Buy Wow Token after 1-hour Farming

Wow token price is changing from time to time. You can track it on the internet like from this website. So check its 24 hours lowest and highest price and wait for the lowest price before purchase it from Auction House. With this farm, you are going to get raw gold, clothes, blue boots that turn 194 epic boe for sale, and infused rubies. You will need those infused ruby while turning blue boots into epic ones. Lastly, if you are lucky enough you can loot epic boe too for sale.

Buy Wow Token in 1 hour with this Shadowlands Gold Farming Guide  Buy Wow Token in 1 hour with this Shadowlands Gold Farming Guide

The results are amazing after 1-hour wow token gold farming. At least 4 blue boots, more than 2.500 shrouded clothes, around 300 Lighless Silk, and more than 7k raw gold from selling gray and green items to a vendor. Boots are selling around 10k gold depending on your realm economy. This farm is located in Revendreth. You can see the exact location on the image above that I added.

Revendreth Wow Token Farm Location

Two groups of four people are nice like all other farms in this location. 1 monk with statue and rest are ranged dps. You will farm “Forbidden Trapper” mobs in this location. Because all of them are humanoid mob, I highly suggest you doing this gold farming method with the Tailoring profession. So you will loot more clothes in this way.

Last thing I need to say you will loot a blue non-tradeable item called “Hopebreaker’s Right Boot” in this farm location. You can buy left boot from a vendor called “Deadfoot” with infused ruby and right-clicking on that item, turn these into 194 epic boe for sale. You need renowned┬árank 29 for this. I add an image of the exact location of the vendor above. Happy hunting and make some wow token for yourself ­čÖé

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