Creeping Crawler Meat Farm Spot in Shadowlands, BEST One So Far!

Creeping Crawler Meat is a cooking material using mainly for feasts. You can also farm leathers with skinning in this spot for more profit. So I suggest doing Creeping Crawler Meat farming with a character who has a Skinning profession. And don’t forget to use your Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering to speed up a bit your skin.

Creeping Crawler Meat Farm Spot in Revendreth

Creeping Crawler Meat best farm spot is in Revendreth, you can see the exact location and the route you need to follow on the map below. If you will follow this route, you will always see mobs around for farming Creeping Crawler Meat and Shadowlands leathers. We are focusing to farm small and large spiders here and the good thing is they are able to skin. So kill loot and skin their corpse. When you come to the end of the route, just go back to your start spot. You will see all mobs are respawned when you there.

Creeping Crawler Meat farming is really good at this place because you also farm leathers beside Creeping Crawler Meat for extra profit. And this makes here the best spot for farming Creeping Crawler Meat in my opinion.

Creeping Crawler Meat Farm Spot in Shadowlands, BEST One So Far!

Creeping Crawler Meat for Cooking in Wow

Creeping Crawler Meat farming can be done solo or with a group of people in this location. You will get 100-120 Creeping Crawler Meat after 1-hour farming if you solo this. And it’s possible to get 135+ if you do with a party. You can always find people using the looking for group tool in the game. If there is no group for that, just create your own and guide the others 🙂 Also around 20 Heavy Callous Hide and some Heavy Desolate Leather is good for crafting or sell on Auction House. The total amount of gold of course changing depends on server economy but in my realm, I earn 30k gold per hour with this best Creeping Crawler Meat farming in Revendreth.

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Best Farm Location for Creeping Crawler Meat is in Revendreth currently.

Creeping Crawler Meat does not require anything special but if you have a Skinning profession, you can also farm Shadowlands leathers for more profit.

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