Heavy Desolate Leather Farming, Hidden Farm Location in Shadowlands

Heavy Desolate Leather farming is good profitable gold farming method in Shadowlands. Because many people farming Heavy Desolate Leather, the competition is a bit tough. So I will share really nice and quite hidden farm location for Heavy Desolate Leather. You should try this location before this place becomes popular too 🙂

Heavy Desolate Leather Farming

Heavy Desolate Leather is crafting with 10 Desolate Leather by Leatherworking profession. After obtaining Heavy Desolate Leather, you can sell them on Auction House directly or if you have other professions already, use them to craft something else to maximize your profit. For example, Boneshatter Armguards for legendary items, Drums of Deathly Ferocity or Heavy Desolate Armor Kit like this. You get the point.

Heavy Desolate Leather farming will also give you Callous Hide and so Heavy Callous Hide. Moreover, you will get some grey-green items for raw gold and food material for sale. This way you will make around 20k gold per hour even in high populated realms. I suggest try this farm location once and see what it brings you according to your realm economy.

Heavy Desolate Leather Farming, Hidden Farm Location in Shadowlands

Heavy Desolate Leather and Heavy Callous Hide Farming Location

Heavy Desolate Leather and Heavy Callous Hide farming location are in Bastion. You can check the map above for the exact location and route you should follow. You will need a Skinning profession of course. Also, Shadowlands Gathering enchants on your gloves and Darkmoon Firewater is nice items that help you a lot if you can obtain one. Lastly, range classes are a bit more suitable in this Heavy Desolate Leather farming location but not necessary at all.

You will farm snappers, prowlers, foxes etc. along the river and up to the hill. This means to kill whatever you see in this route and loot-skin them. They all are not hostile, yellow for you. So don’t forget to engage, running near them is not enough to get their attention. I make 25k gold per hour with this gold farming method in Shadowlands. Happy hunting 🙂

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Heavy Desolate Leather can drop from beasts by Skinning. You can find beasts across the all-around each zones in Shadowlands.

Heavy Callous Hide is same as Heavy Desolate Leather and can obtain from beasts by Skinning.

Farming Heavy Desolate Leather and Heavy Callous Hide farming are good in hidden quite places and there is one in Bastion.

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