Hexweave Bag Gold Farming and How to Get Hexweave Bag Recipe Guide

Hexweave Bags are a passive gold farming method in World of Warcraft and I will show how to get Hexweave Bag Recipe for nice and easy gold farming in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. You should do this gold farming method with more than 1 character because the new leveling system makes this the perfect time to do it.

Hexweave Bag, How to Set up Hexweave Bag Garrison Guide

Hexweave Bag requires material is Hexweave Cloth. You can make Hexweave Cloth with Tailoring profession but you can craft one time in 24 hours. So this means it has a daily cooldown. But don’t worry. Our garrison in Warlord of Draenor helps us a lot with the materials of Hexweave Bag. You can give work orders in the Tailoring building to obtain more Hexweave Cloths. Also, you can have the materials of Hexweave Cloths (which is Sumptuous Fur and Gorgrond Flytrap) in your Garrison too by using barn and tailoring building work orders. I am going to share the Full Guide for How to set up your Garrison for gold making soon. So keep following me.

Hexweave Bag materials are can purchasable from Auction House but I don’t suggest it. I suggest create new alts and select the Warlord of Draenor timeline from Chromie and follow a few questlines. You will build up your garrison soon and start using buildings and give work orders to your followers. I will explain all of them in my next garrison guide for gold making soon. In this way, you will get materials of Hexweave Bag and absolutely more for free.

Hexweave Bag Gold Farming and How to Get Hexweave Bag Recipe Guide  Hexweave Bag Gold Farming and How to Get Hexweave Bag Recipe Guide  Hexweave Bag Gold Farming and How to Get Hexweave Bag Recipe Guide

Hexweave Bag Recipe, How to Get it and Hexweave Bag Prices

Hexweave Bag Recipe can be obtained from NPC with 5 Secrets of Draenor Tailoring. So, you have to craft Secrets of Draenor Tailoring 5 times for get the Hexweave Bag recipe. This has a daily cooldown so it will take your 5 days. Once you have 5, go to Ashran (Stormshield or Warspear due to your faction. “Steven Cochrane” in Stormshield or “Petir Starocean” in Warspear ) and check the Tailoring Pattern vendor. Check the images above for their goods.

Hexweave Bags need a bunch of Hexweave Cloths anyway so you don’t need to rush for the Hexweave Bag recipe to get. Each Hexweave Bag going around 600 gold on Auction House. So just build a barn for Sumptuous Fur and use the Herbalism area for Gorgrond Flytrap for materials and make free golds with spending only 10 minutes each day in your Garrison. A more detailed guide about Garrison building coming soon.

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Hexweave Bag Recipe getting from Tailoring vendor in Ashran, exchange of 5 Secrets of Draenor Tailoring.

Hexweave Bag crafting by Tailoring profession.

Hexweave Bag Pattern sold by "Steven Cochrane" in Stormshield or "Petir Starocean" in Warspear.

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