How to Farm Expulsom Fast in BFA?

Welcome to really quick guide on how you can make tons of expulsom in short time. Currently, there are two ways you can obtain expulsom right now. One of them is Alchemy transmute and the other one is scrapping gears.


How to Farm Expulsom Fast in BFA?

The alchemy transmutes are limited to one per day. So therefore in order to make a lot of expulsom, you need to craft gear and then scrap it. Or buy gear and scrap it.

When you scrap a green boe, the chance of getting one is around %15. So you could expect from 60 pieces of green boe’s, you would get 9 piece expulsom.

If you buy gears with 100 gold each which seems to be standart and make around 600-660 golds for each expulsom.


The Most Efficient Way to Obtain Expulsom

The base idea is that you craft gears with professions and then scrap it. The best ones are Leatherworking and Tailoring. You can also do this with Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing but they are not nearly efficient as Tailoring and Leatherworking in my realm due to prices. It is better to check some local prices before make your decision.

The three recipes you want to do Tidespray Linen Bracers, Coarse Leather Armguards, Shimmerscale Armguards. They don’t require too much of any crafting reagent.

These recipes are really good because when you will learn the profession, you get these recipes instantly. And there are no rank 3. So you won’t need a rank 3 to grind ranks and you can swap professions whenever you want.

The good thing to have Leatherworking and Tailoring at the same time, you may out of reagents sometimes you can swap the other one. For example when there are no reagents for Tailoring in Auction House, you can continue doing this with Leatherworking recipe.

Lastly I recommend you to have this addon for scrapping; Easy Scrap. It makes scrapping easier for you. You can check my other gold making addons advice if you want.

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