Large Venom Sac Farm Guide in Wow Classic, Make 150g per Hour **ALL CLASSES

Large Venom Sac earns you around 100-150g per hour depends on the drop chance. It’s really good wow classic gold farming method. I highly suggest try it if you want to do gold farming in wow classic because you can do this farm with all classes. Of course, some of them have advantages like hunters with a movement speed bonus. The prices going deeper on high populated realms but still, it earns well in low populated realms.

Large Venom Sac Farming Guide in Wow Classic

Large Venom Sac is dropped by spiders and scorpions. Today I will share two farm locations with you. You can farm Large Venom Sac in both places but the first one is %10 better than the second one. It’s not a big deal but you can decide which place is better for you due to your character level, mount speed, etc. So the first Large Venom Sac farm location is in Wetlands. You will kill the spiders inside the cave. You can check the exact location on the images below. The spiders are incredibly easy to kill because they are low level and there are so many spiders over here. The bad side of this location is it’s a bit popular place so you may want to try my second suggestion.

Large Venom Sac Farm Guide in Wow Classic, Make 150g per Hour **ALL CLASSES  Large Venom Sac Farm Guide in Wow Classic, Make 150g per Hour **ALL CLASSES

Large Venom Sac and Wow Classic Gold Farming

Large Venom Sac can also be farmed in Desolace. The farm area is just south of the Alliance flight point, you can see the exact location on the images above. There are tons of scorpions here but there are also tons of other mobs around them. According to Wowhead, these guys scattered all over the place, and because of that, the drop chance of Large Venom Sac is doubled than the first place. But you will kill fewer mobs.

Large Venom Sac is still triable for classic wow gold farming even if you play in the high populated realm. Especially the second farm location in Desolace, you can start doing that at level 30 just before start thinking about gold farming at level 40 for the mount in wow vanilla.

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Large Venom Sac best farm location is in Wetlands or Desolace.

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