Make tons of gold with Mining and Herbalism in BFA

What do you think about Battle for Azeroth so far? I mainly focus mining and herbalism these days because as i mentioned in “The most profitable professions in BFA“, Inscription stuff prices are insane and Alchemy going the same way soon. People will need flask and potions more when the raid comes out. So this is absolutely right time to do farm with mining and herbalism.


How to make gold with Mining and Herbalism?

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If you follow this route you will always have full spawns. But of course if you have no competition. So, to find best realm for yourself, make sure you toggle between war mode and non war mode. This way, you can see where you get the most competition.

I personally using this mining and herbalism guide in war mode on since most farmers take war mode off because they don’t want to get killed. However, I have done this route for 2 hours without seeing anyone.

You can make easily 150k and more gold per hour with this gold farming method at the moment.


Is it possible to make gold only with Auction House?

The answer is yes because so many people playing through the game after the launch of Battle of Azeroth. This means too many active people in game right now. Most of them have no idea how to use Auction House and selling their stuff cheap or small stacks. This small stacks cause slow actions. It take ages to scan auction house and buy items with addons.

If i need to come to the point, I recommend you to buy those small stacks. Nobody want to spend ages and buy something one by one. Just buy small stacks and make price double or triple and sell them in bigger stacks like 200.

You will see this will work and you make easy golds by just standing in front of Auction House.

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