Mining and Herb Gold Farming Route in BFA

It’s definitely perfect time for Mining and Herb Gold Farming now! You wanna know why? I am pretty sure you already noticed that many people spamming in Trade channel like “WTB all BFA Herbs and Mines“. Because the prices are going lower right these days. They are just buy it, stock it and will sell it when Uldir raid comes out. The prices will be insane in first weeks of release because of flasks and potions. You can check Uldir raid release date from here.


Best Mining and Herb Gold Farming Route in BFA

This one is my personal favorite look right now just because I think it’s a lot of fun to do it. Enjoyable route to follow.

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You are going to get a lot of different herbs by following this route. This located in Tiragarde Sound and basically it’s a river farm. The insane amount of spawns in these rivers right here.

The route is really simple but if you playing Horde, there will be some Alliance guards that might try to attack you. So you might wanna follow the above route exactly and avoid them instead of following the main road.


How to make your gold farming more efficient?

If your class have a tank spec, use it while farming because you can’t be dazed. Or the another way of this is Sky Golem mount. You can pick up hers and mines while riding Sky Golem.

Another tip is if you don’t have enchant on your gloves, you should definitely use this one Darkmoon Firewater. This allows you to pick up herbs and mines super fast.

The last tip I can tell when you reach the top of route, you can glide down by using Goblin Glider Kit. You can reach the start point of your route super fast with using this kit.

Also don’t forget to try war mode on because like nobody around at this location for PvP. You can check my another guide for herb and mining by clicking here. Happy hunting!

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