Heavy Desolate Leather Farming, Hidden Farm Location in Shadowlands

Heavy Desolate Leather farming is good profitable gold farming method in Shadowlands. Because many people farming Heavy Desolate Leather, the competition is a bit tough. So I will share really nice and quite hidden farm location for Heavy Desolate Leather. You should try this location before this place becomes popular too 🙂 Heavy Desolate Leather […]

Steelbound Harness Mount Guide, How to Get Steelbound Devourer?

Steelbound Harness mount is a crafting mount by Blacksmiths in wow. Some people calling it Steelbound Devourer but both are the same, so you are in right place too if you looking for Steelbound Devourer or Steelbound Harness doesn’t matter actually. It goes around 45k gold on Auction House and it’s not so hard to […]

Alani Wow Mount Guide **UPDATED Farm Spot for SHADOWLANDS

Alani wow mount is really is to obtain with this guide. Basically, you need to do skyshard farming and collect 10 skyshard for one Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. The good thing is you will get 10 skyshards (that means 1 mount) in 1 hour with this gold farming guide. Wow Alani mount […]