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Deep Sea Satin Farm, Where to Farm Deep Sea Satin 200k Gold/Hour

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Deep Sea Satin Farm makes tons of gold these days. I’m going to show you Where to Farm Deep Sea Satin and Best …

2 years ago

Living Steel Wow Transmute | Full Detailed Guide for Gold Making

Category: Professions

Living Steel is really good for gold making and you can craft many Wow Living Steel with Living Steel transmute. I will show …

2 years ago

Black Lotus Wow Classic, Black Lotus Farming Locations **UPDATED 2021

Category: Wow Classic

Black Lotus Wow Classic can be gathered by Herbalism profession. You can farm Black Lotus in Wow Classic and learn Black Lotus farming locations

2 years ago

Xiwyllag ATV Wow, Xiwyllag ATV Mount and Colors, Wow Xiwyllag ATV Guide *2021

Category: Mounts

Xiwyllag ATV mount is another easy to obtain flying mount in Wow. You will find the answers for how to get Xiwyllag ATV and

2 years ago

What to Do Shadowlands Pre Patch

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The Shadowlands and pre-patch is so close and almost here, so if you want to learn how to be prepared for Shadowlands and maximizing your …

3 years ago

WoW Classic Best Gold Making Professions

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Making gold in WoW Classic can be easy with making the right decision for your professions. There are three types of professions in Classic WoW …

4 years ago

Recommended Gold Farming Methods in Patch 8.1.5

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In this article, you will find the best gold farming methods in patch 8.1.5. We are going to concentrate on three main ideas.

Best Ways …

4 years ago

Darkmoon Faire Gold Farm Guide

Category: World Events Tags: , , ,

Darkmoon Faire is an festival event in World of Warcraft which you can do their stuffs in every month. You can check your calender to …

4 years ago

How to Make Gold in BFA Patch 8.1

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Today I am highlighting seven different ways about how to make gold in patch 8.1. The best way to make gold is always going to …

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Day of the Dead Gold Farming Guide

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In this article I am going to show you how to make gold with Day of the Dead event in World of Warcraft. This is …