Primal Mana Farming Guide in TBC, 450 Gold per Hour

Primal Mana is going for a lot of gold and quick on Auction House. Primal Mana farm is a good way to make gold in tbc because it’s a material for crafting. I will share the quickest place to go and farm Primal Mana location in this article.

Primal Mana Farming Guide

Primal Mana can bring you 400-450 gold in 1 hour depending on your server economy. Primal Mana farm location is in Kirin’var Village, Netherstorm. You are mainly looking for Mana Seeker and Mageslayers to get Primal Mana in this location. These drop 1-2 Mote of Mana and gray pieces of stuff to sell to the vendor. So you will also earn raw gold around 50g in 1 hour by just selling gray stuff to the vendor. You can check the map below for the exact location for farming Primal Mana in Tbc.

Primal Mana Farming Guide in TBC, 450 Gold per Hour  Primal Mana Farming Guide in TBC, 450 Gold per Hour

Primal Mana Farm in Tbc

Primal Mana brings a good amount of gold and its material for crafting stuff. So there will be a lot of contests here I believe. There will be always people around in the Primal Mana farm location because this place is the quickest and easiest place to get Primal Mana. The good thing is mobs are spawning incredibly fast. I would recommend just stay in one small section where 5-6 spawns, try to tag mobs, and camp that area rather than running around. If no people showed up, it’s better to run around and farm of course.

Primal Mana can be used as a material to craft valuable items in tbc. You might check this list to see what you can craft with Primal Mana. You can craft epic items for yourself or earn more gold by craft and sell items on Auction House. So if you level up some professions, I suggest check the list above on Wowhead and see what are your options.

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