Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming 50k GOLD Per Hour

Thick Clefthoof Leather TBC material still a nice way for gold farming in Shadowlands. Thick Clefthoof Leather is a Burning Crusade leather that you can get only from Clefthoof in Nagrand. This farm will give you around 50k gold per hour. Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming in TBC Thick Clefthoof Leather has about a 20 percent […]

Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow **UPDATED for Shadowlands

Rubbery Flank Farming is quite easy in Shadowlands. The Best Rubbery Flank Farm location is in Naz’jatar I believe. You can check the images below for the route and best place to farming Rubbery Flank. Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow Rubbery Flank Farm can be done by farming Turtles and Hydras on the Naz’jatar map. […]