Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow **UPDATED for Shadowlands

Rubbery Flank Farming is quite easy in Shadowlands. The Best Rubbery Flank Farm location is in Naz’jatar I believe. You can check the images below for the route and best place to farming Rubbery Flank.

Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow

Rubbery Flank Farm can be done by farming Turtles and Hydras on the Naz’jatar map. Before going there, make sure you have Skinning because all mobs are able to skinning. Skinning is a plus here. If you have Skinning, you will do also Cragscale Farming along with Rubbery Flank farming and make some profit gold farming. The advantage of this spot is there is not a lot of people here. You will follow the route like drawing circles and mobs will respawn when you come to your start location. I add the route below.

Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow **UPDATED for Shadowlands   Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow **UPDATED for Shadowlands  Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow **UPDATED for Shadowlands  Rubbery Flank Farming in Wow **UPDATED for Shadowlands

Rubbery Flank Wow Farm, Best Rubbery Flank Farm Place

Rubbery Flank Wow Farm is easy but there are Hydra elites you may face sometimes. But if you are over-geared and level 60, you can kill these mobs easily too. The second Best Place to Farm Rubbery Flank is Nar’anan. You will be killing snapdragons by following the route. I add an image above you can check the route for Rubbery Flank farming. You can collect around 400 Rubbery Flank in this slot in 1 hour. This place is a bit better for Rubbery Flank farming because there is a world quest over there and you can kill elite mobs easily. Skinning is a bonus and each elite snapdragons can give 1-7 Rubbery Flank randomly. Also, it’s a bit fast to kill them because of world quest, you may get help from other people.

Rubbery Flank can be used as material for Cooking. So you might check the food prices and try cooking if they sell well instead of selling Rubbery Flanks on Auction House. This way you can make more profit from gold farming.

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Rubbery Flank dropped from Turtles and Hydras in Naz'jatar.

Rubbery Flank farming best location is Naz'jatar.

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