Steelbound Harness Mount Guide, How to Get Steelbound Devourer?

Steelbound Harness mount is a crafting mount by Blacksmiths in wow. Some people calling it Steelbound Devourer but both are the same, so you are in right place too if you looking for Steelbound Devourer or Steelbound Harness doesn’t matter actually. It goes around 45k gold on Auction House and it’s not so hard to make it. I suggest you try it once if you have Blacksmithing profession for easy wow gold farming.

Steelbound Harness Guide and Steelbound Devourer Pattern

Steelbound Harness is taking place in Legion content. So you will need to level up your Legion Blacksmithing to craft this mount. Just follow the Blacksmithing questline all the way to max. level to craft the mount and getting the recipe from Tichondrius in the Nighthold raid. You can easily solo it if you have max. level character. If you are still leveling, you need to know the Steelbound Harness mount recipe not drop from LFR. So you may want to wait until max. level for using this gold farming guide. For the exact list of materials, you can check the image below.

Steelbound Harness Mount Guide, How to Get Steelbound Devourer?  Steelbound Harness Mount Guide, How to Get Steelbound Devourer?

Steelbound Devourer Mount Mats, How to Get Steelbound Devourer?

Steelbound Devourer mount materials are mostly from Mining in Legion map. I suggest you get Mining as a secondary profession and farm mines in Legion map while doing your other stuff. And also, follow the questline in Legion blacksmithing. This way you will have some Blood of Sargeras and plus Blacksmith skill. For the Infernal Brimstone material, you should follow the “Infernal Brimstone” world quest on your map. This way you will have some Infernal Brimstone too.

Steelbound Devourer requires one more material that is Felhide which is gathering by Skinners. You should follow your map for the Gargantuan world quest for extra Felhide. The Felhide and Infernal Brimstone are cheap on Auction House. I suggest you just buy them and craft your mount without spending time on farming for them. Only the issue is here Blood of Sargeras because it’s BoP. You can solo Legion dungeons in heroic or mythic difficulty and keep an eye for world quests that reward you Blood of Sargeras for the Steelbound Harness. Also, you can get Blood of Sargeras on your alts/main from your class hall missions and trade Sargeras with ores or other kinds of stuff in Dalaran.

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Steelbound Harness is crafted by the Blacksmith profession.

Steelbound Harness mats are obtaining from Mining and Skinning.

Steelbound Harness pattern drop from Tichondrius in Nighthold.

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