TBC Gold Farming Guide before Expansion, Investments You Should Do

TBC means The Burning Crusade expansion announced in Blizzcon 2021 and coming soon in Classic servers. The basic idea in this TBC gold farming guide is making some investments by buying some items from the Auction House and sell them after the expansion release. Because they will be selling more golds for sure. So check these items below carefully and compare them with your realm prices.

TBC Gold Farming Guide with Investments before Release of the Patch

TBC Gold Farming will be very easy at the start of expansion because prices will be too high when the patch officially release. As you can see we can start gold farming now even we don’t know the exact release date of Burning Crusade 🙂 The first item I want you to consider for investment is “Tome of Polymorph: Turtle“. This is a rare and drop from a boss Gahz’ranka in Zul’Gurub. Because a lot of people doing raid, this tome can be found on Auction House easily but this will change and the price of this tome will be more when TBC release.

The next item for TBC gold farming investments is “Black Vitriol”. This item is going too cheap on Auction House right now but this will change. The reason for this we will need Black Vitriol as a reagent for “Philosophers’ Stone”. We will need Philosophers’ Stone for “Transmute: Primal Might” which is a new transmute item and needed for some BiS gears in the Burning Crusade.

TBC Gold Farming Guide before Expansion, Investments You Should Do

TBC Investments for Gold Making

TBC Gold Farm investing can be many things but lastly, I can recommend Light Hide, Medium Hide and Heavy Hide. Light Hide is using by many people and mentioned in many Leatherworking guides while levelling 45 to 55. Also, Medium Hide is using while levelling 100 to 120. I suggest focusing more on Heavy Hide investment because not so many people levelling Leatherworking right now. So in my opinion, many people might swap their professions for new craftable gears when TBC release and these materials are good for stocking.

I will continue sharing new items for investment before the Burning Crusade release. So keep checking new gold farming guides for TBC.

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Tome of Polymorph: Turtle, Black Vitriol and Heavy Hide is my recommendation about TBC Investments for gold farming.

TBC Gold Farming is currently doing by making some investments in items before the release of the expansion.

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