Terocone Farming Tbc, Herbalism Gold Farm Guide

Terocone farming is a great way to gold farm in Tbc right now because if you check the Alchemy, most potions require Terocone as a material like Haste potions. Haste potions are around 10g and going fast on Auction House. So I know some people making big profits by just buying materials like Terocone and craft Haste potions then sell it.

Terocone Farming in Wow Tbc

Terocone also needed for flasks. Flask of Relentless Assault requires 7 Terocone for example. So they’re gonna be in demand the entire expansion and it’s usually the most expensive herb besides Mana Thistle. If you check the herb prices on Auction House and see any herb is more expensive than Terocone, that’s probably gonna change soon. I haven’t seen that for a very long time. So I am sure this TBC gold farming guide is worth trying.

Terocone Farming Tbc, Herbalism Gold Farm Guide  Terocone Farming Tbc, Herbalism Gold Farm Guide

Terocone Route, Terocone Farming Guide

Terocone farming is similarly easy with Gathermate addon but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. So need to start from zero. I recommend doing your Terocone farming in Terokkar Forest, Outland. Check the images above for the exact spawn location of Terocone. So you can draw your own route. As you can see there is no spawn point near Auchindoun, the gray area. So don’t lose your time near there. The Southwest part is really good.

Terocone farming gonna get a lot of competition of course when the price is high because everyone is gonna be after it. So, I recommend doing Terocone gold farming at night with chill music. You will probably all by yourself and see no one. You can earn around 500 gold in one hour by Terocone farming. Other herb farms not going to be that good so, you better check this gold farming guide. After 1 hour session, I gathered 75 Terocone.

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