Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming 50k GOLD Per Hour

Thick Clefthoof Leather TBC material still a nice way for gold farming in Shadowlands. Thick Clefthoof Leather is a Burning Crusade leather that you can get only from Clefthoof in Nagrand. This farm will give you around 50k gold per hour.

Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming in TBC

Thick Clefthoof Leather has about a 20 percent chance to drop from Clefthoof when you skin them. They will also give you 1-2 Knothide Leather with Skinning. Clefthoofs not hyperspawn and they are spread all around the map. I add an image below. You can check the map for their spawn locations. So to do this farm, you just need to fly like drawing circles and kill, loot, skin. To do this farm, you will need to have Outland Skinning that you can learn in Shattrath. Again check the image below for its location. You will see bookshelves in the building. You will learn your Skinning from there. You don’t need to level this up. You just need to have it.

Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming 50k GOLD Per Hour  Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming 50k GOLD Per Hour

Thick Clefthoof Leather Farming Guide

Thick Clefthoof Leather farming doing nicely with Druids and with Darkmoon Firewater. Darkmoon Firewater is a potion that you can buy on Auction House. It should be around 100 gold. It increases your skinning speed for 1 hour and saves a lot of time. The class choice of druid is of course because of their instant flight form. You won’t need to mount up after every single kill. Saving that time gives you much more thick clefthoof leather than other classes. If you don’t have a druid, I can give you another tip in here. Just create a class trial character and do this farm with that character. But don’t forget, class trial characters can use for only 3 hours.

Lastly, you can turn your Knothide leathers into Heavy Knothide Leathers easily. This way you will make more profit in this farm. You can do this with Outland Leatherworking that you can learn in the same place with Skinning. You just need to level it up to 25 which is very easy. This way you will obtain 1 Heavy Knothide Leather with 5 Knothide Leathers.

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Thick Clefthoof Leather can be farmed in Nagrand.

Thick Clefthoof Leather can obtain from Clefthoof in Nagrand by skin them.

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