Wow Classic Burning Crusade Best Classes for Gold Farming

Wow Classic Burning Crusade is announced in Blizzcon 2021 but still, we don’t have burning crusade release date yet. I think it’ll be good to renew our mind about Burning Crusade before it’s released. So here we’ll talk about the best gold farming classes in Burning Crusade because many things have changed about classes after the release of 1st big expansion of World of Warcraft.

Wow Classic Burning Crusade Gold Farming

Wow Classic Burning Crusade expansion will change the class balance about gold farming. I can say this clearly, mage won’t be perfect for gold farming in Burning Crusade because of the aoe cap. That means mages can no longer pull entire mobs in wow burning crusade dungeons and kill them while kiting. There will be aoe cap limit in Burning Crusade and this will be 10. So if you pull more than 10 mobs and use aoe skill, it will hit a maximum of 10 mobs and others won’t get damaged.

So we can focus on classes that can farm better than others in the open world. I mean you will farm materials by killing mobs in the open world and you need a class that tags mobs fast, killing mobs fast, can deal damage at multiple targets at the same time, great self-healing and a little bit tanky class would be nice for wow gold farming in Burning Crusade.

Wow Classic Burning Crusade Best Classes for Gold Farming

The Burning Crusade Classes for Gold Farming

Wow Classic Burning Crusade will make Warlocks great for gold farming. Their SL/SL spec build will so good at self-healing and tanky because mainly you spread your dots and you drain so much health with siphon life. In short, more mobs mean more drain healing and this makes warlocks good in open-world mob gold farming in Burning Crusade.

But if I need to say, 1 class, kings of gold farming in Burning Crusade, it would be Protection Paladin for sure. Paladin’s so tanky and AoE spells won’t have aoe cap like Consecration that affects underneath, Retribution Aura gives damage to all attackers, or Blessing of Sanctuary will give damages to all attackers in each block. Also, I highly suggest obtaining this shield as soon as possible if you play with a paladin for gold farming or not, “Petrified Lichen Guard” its equipping bonus is so good and it procs on every single block. You will have more aoe damage with that shield for sure. You need to level your reputation for that so better check the Wowhead link above to see how to obtain a Petrified Lichen Guard shield.

Lastly, I can suggest it would be good to have at least one rogue or druid because their stealth ability is good in dungeons, and farming locked chests or minings-herbs would be so easy after skipping packs when you tired of farming mobs in open world. ­čÖé Also druids are so op in gathering professions because of their flight form. So what classes you will play for gold farming in Burning Crusade?

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