Wow Classic TBC Preparation for Gold Farming Guides

Wow Classic TBC is coming soon on live servers so if you prepare well, you can be rich by following gold farming guides. I will share some useful information about how to prepare nicely for wow classic TBC.

Wow Classic TBC Leveling

Wow Classic TBC will continue progression with our current characters. This means you can continue playing with your current characters in the same realms. So it’s time to leveling your alts to maximum level until TBC release. More character means more profession combinations for gold farming. I would suggest leveling a paladin because they are really good in TBC for AOE farming both in dungeons and open-world. So it’s a good idea to have and be ready for TBC with at least one protection paladin if you don’t have time for more characters.

After you are done with leveling, it’s time to check your professions because the material prices are really low at the moment. You can almost level all of your professions for low prices. Most old zone material prices will go high for sure after the release of TBC, so you’d better do it now.

Wow Classic TBC Preparation for Gold Farming Guides  Wow Classic TBC Preparation for Gold Farming Guides

TBC Investments Inc Wow Classic

Wow Classic TBC release makes Auction House prices will go high immediately because of stockpiles. So you need to be one of those guys who make gold farming by just standing in front of the Auction House ­čÖé I already list some items and will do more soon about what you need to buy now and sell after the release of TBC to make profits. You can check that article from here.

If I need to make some suggestions again I would say check Elixir of Demonslaying. This would be very useful while questing, farming, etc. because we will fight against demons almost everywhere. Also the new profession, Jewelcrafting coming. Many people will learn it so its materials are good for gold farming. I list all materials above in images people would need while leveling jewelcrafting. Just decide which one you can stock due to your realm economy or you can farm.

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