Wow Fishing Gold Farming Guide with Elysian Thade

Wow Fishing is relaxed and soothing method of gold farming in World of Warcraft. Elysian Thade is the most favorite fish you can farm and sell on Auction House because it’s using as material for the feast. Feast sales are really fast on Auction House because most of the guilds using that as food buff in their runs. So I suggest focus farming Elysian Thade and will explain how to farm Elysian Thade in Shadowlands.

Elysian Thade Farming Guide

Elysian Thade can be fished in any zones in Shadowlands. Before that let’s clear the preparation time. Firstly you need to go to Oribos and teach Fishing from NPC. The same NPC is selling some kinds of stuff and fishing items wow you need to buy before start fishing. Buy Elysian Thade Bait and The Brokers Angle’r fishing pole for Elysian Thade farming. Elysian Thade Bait giving you a very high chance of getting the fish associated with the bait. But this works only if the fish is from that zone. Also, The Brokers Angle’r fishing pole gives +15 fishing skill and increase loot chance for more baits while fishing. You should not worry about the vendor prices for bait because it pays for itself easily.

Wow Fishing Gold Farming Guide with Elysian Thade

Elysian Thade Farm Locations, Wow Fishing Guide

Elysian Thade farming can be done in any zones in Shadowlands, unlike other fishes. So just pick a spot on your favorite map, open your favorite playlist and just chill. My favorite spot in Bastion because of the bright map. Lastly, wow fishing bot or wow fishing macro is asking too much to me but I don’t suggest using a fishing bot if you don’t wanna get a penalty. The only easiness you can do is make keybind for your fishing skill button and make it on your mouse if you have macro buttons on your mouse. That way you can farm Elysian Thade only using your 1-hand.

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Elysian Thade can farm after learning Shadowlands fishing.

Elysian Thade bait and other fish baits can be taken from Oribos fishing vendor.

Elysian Thade can farm in any zones in Shadowlands, unlike other fishes.

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