Wow Gold Cap Guide, Gold Cap for Vanilla and Starter Edition **UPDATED Shadowlands

Wow Gold Cap is searching by players for a long time and many rumors around especially about vanilla wow gold cap since it’s really hard to farming gold in Vanilla servers. So in this article, we are going to share true facts and rumors about wow gold cap per character in retails, vanilla, and starter edition accounts.

Wow Gold Cap in Wow, Gold Cap for Vanilla and Starter Edition?

Wow Gold Cap is different due to retail or vanilla servers. The current wow gold cap is 9,999,999. This means you can have a maximum of 10 million gold cap per character. In addition to this, you have 10 million gold in those character’s guild bank also. So we can say that the wow gold cap per character limit is 20 million. On one account, you can create a maximum 50 characters. If you can hit the current wow gold cap on every character, this makes 1 billion gold in total.

Wow Gold Cap in Vanilla is not certain yet as I search for it. Some people say the newly released Vanilla is using the latest wow gold cap so it’s 10 million per character inventory. But the old players say that it’s exactly 214,748g 36s 48c like old times. Since it’s too difficult to gold farm in vanilla, we can’t find true answers yet which means no one hit the vanilla wow gold cap yet. If you know someone who shares that information with a proof comment below, please. I will update the wow gold cap guide.

Wow Gold Cap Guide, Gold Cap for Vanilla and Starter Edition **UPDATED Shadowlands

Wow Gold Cap for Server Transfer and Starter Edition Gold Cap **UPDATED Shadowlands

Wow Gold Transfer Cap is changing due to your character level. Here are the level range and the maximum gold you can transfer updated for shadowlands while using realm change or faction change due to blizzard support.

  • Level 10-39: 10k gold
  • Level 40-49: 250k gold
  • Level 50+: 1million gold

Wow Starter Edition Gold Cap is 1000 gold per character and you can play the game until level 20.

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Wow Gold Cap is 9,999,999 gold per character.

Wow Gold Cap may look difficult to reach but if you focus on gold farming guides, you can achieve it easily after a couple of months.

Gold Cap in Vanilla was exactly 214,748g 36s 48c.

Wow Starter Account Gold Cap is 1000 gold per character.

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